Tuesday, December 2, 2008


When having different palates around the table at dinner it can always be a tough choice in deciding which wine to bring and share with friends and family. If you offered to be the one to bring the wine it can be a scary gesture. You don't want to disappoint! In essence, you want to be known as "the wine guy" when invited. In some way it's a badge of honor between us wine drinkers that they come to you to source out a wine for the occasion.

After Thanksgiving dinner, one of the wines that I brought that struck a note amongst the crowd at the table was the 2006 Malbec Reserva from Naiara Wines. The velvety feel of this Malbec paired great with the Thanksgiving feast and everyone wanted seconds. Unfortunately I took only one bottle of the '06 Naiara Wines and was finished quicker than my sister's delicious yams. This is also my favorite Malbec so far, and is one of main reasons I decided to start my wine importing business now rather than later. This is a gem of a wine I couldn't let any other importer in California get it instead of me. Check them out: http://www.argca.com/NAIARA_WINES

What I got out of this wine:

NOSE - The subtle tones of smoke and leather are dressed beautifully with the perfume of lilac flowers and lavender. (A client of mine once said that he hopes Haley Berry's ass smells this good). Ripe plum and cherries are very evident, but hints of black berries with a funky cellar tone that underlines the fruit.

MOUTH/FINISH - The velvety smoothness of this Malbec is accompanied by a delicate tannin structure that demonstrates body and complexity. Being unfiltered, you feel the meatiness and the weight on your palate. The oak is subtle and not over the top. It has an almost creamy plum aspect to it!

I recommended preparing it to serve for a pleasurable experience like this:
1) 30 minutes in Fridge or 15 minutes in the Ice-box (don't get it too cold)
2) Decant for 45 min to 1-hour
3) Serve it with good company and good food


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  1. Velvety is a great way to describe this great wine! Must have been a great way to accompany a full TDay feast.

    (Would it be safe to hope that Halle Berry's ass is just as velvety?)