Wednesday, December 10, 2008


When my wine importing company opened for business earlier this year, I had a sense that things were looking kind of gloomy. The market was fluctuating like crazy, banks were failing, unemployment was rising, etc. etc., but I was already way too committed to turn back or even to hold off until things got better. My instincts overpowered all the fear of starting a new business and I knew things were going to be alright with what I had planned. With life tough for everyone in the business, as well as for the wine consumer, Malbec and Argentine wines are now getting much more attention than before all this "economic turmoil" started.

Recession Proof?? Maybe so!

Malbec is bringing excellent quality at a very affordable price point for those wine lovers hindered by the economic downturn. Besides Malbec, Argentina in general has a good range of other varietals and blends that don't break the bank if you drink on a regular basis. If you like experimenting and always trying something new, Argentina is becoming the new "Bordeaux" of the new world due to its unique play on different style of blending.

Have a look at this article if your interests persist: WINE SUR

There are so many good Argentine wines out there that we have yet to discover. If you find anything over $25 don't wast your time !! Specially now! It is either (1) double-tiered at wholesale (meaning the importer brings in the wine in another state and sells it to the distributor in your state, who is really marking up the wholesale price to the retailer), (2) the importer imported a very very limited production (which is doubtful or very seldom), or (3) the winery has enough balls to sell it a high export price giving no other alternative. Argentina has the capacity to produce even much more wine than it is currently producing. So much that it curves its global demand in our favor by keeping its export price at such a low cost, helping us importers bring it to you the consumer at such a great value.

I am a big advocate of not overcharging for a product, and Argentina is in a great position right now to expose their quality through excellent value driven wines. This helps us (importers) to bring you (consumers) new and unique wines at a very accessible price. To all seasoned connoisseur and wine newbies alike, Argentine wines keep you in the game of enjoying and discovering great wine without discouraging the wallet through your wine hunting adventures.

Keep Discovering Malbec!



  1. So no Achaval Ferrer Single Vineyard Malbecs for $100? (LOL)

    Just bookmarked your site!

  2. Brain,
    Those are delicious wines!! I'm sure they'll start feeling the pinch next year. Specially the importer!

    Thanks for bookmarking us!

    Happy Holidays

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